Isolation Photoshoots with CludyMudy

Since we're not able to go outside and shoot just yet I thought of doing the FaceTime photo shoot challenge. It was definitely a challenge ... but ill get more into it down below.

Ive recently had the chance to try this challenge out with a great photographer friend of mine who modelled for me. Our shoot was 8 hours apart since Cludy from CludyPorts is from Germany and I'm from Australia.

So you're also thinking of doing the FaceTime challenge? What do you need? How do you set up?

1) Props and products Both parties should have some props nearby to change the setting of each photo. Through props the style of photos can be altered minimally.

Some props that can be used are:


-organzas -mirrors

-accessories (such as hats, glasses.. etc.)

2) Backdrop set up As discussed in my previous blog post, you can easily make a nice backdrop at home using fabrics or bedsheets. Placing a bed sheet on top of a clothes hanger can be a clean and easy backdrop if your model(s) don't have a blank wall to set up from.

3) Wifi / Cellular Data

The internet speed is crucial for this photoshoot. Make sure to test your internet speed. To test this you can easily download a free app called SpeedTest and it will check the speed on your internet in under 30 seconds. The ideal internet speed would be around 40mbps. For our shoot my internet was only ranging around 15mbps, it wasn't the best but it also wasn't the worse either. You might be able to get away with speeds as low as 10mbps.

4) Communication

Lastly and most importantly whats needed to be set down is good communication between the model(s) and the photographer. As the model(s) will be setting their backdrop at home and good communication, trust and confidence between each others work is needed.

Heres an example of our isolation photoshoot :)

I cant wait to see your take on Isolation Photoshoots!!

If you'd like to see more examples of Isolation Photoshoots please check out my instagram account, I'll be doing more photos with different models during this isolation. Its a current ongoing photoshoot project of mine :)

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