#05 Talking Consistency

I’ve been super excited with my recent projects lately that I forgot to rest! Having passion projects is fun for sure and working in your creative sector is always great! But it can get hard sometimes to differentiate when you’re utilising your time to relax or overworking again :))

So this is just a reminder that slowing down won’t deter you from your dream goals, keep at it, keep being excited, but do take some pauses now and then. If it’s meant for you, it will work out, no matter how slow it takes!

#05 Talking Consistency - Start Now

Humans want things on the get go. We have fast food/uber; knowledge can be searched up in your fingertips; bottom line is that things are easily accessible …

But great things take a while, we can’t rush everything, especially our dreams.

We have to go through the process, there’s no skipping to the end goal. You have to go through it to learn how to be your best self to achieve the goals set for you.

You can’t expect to do one swimming lesson and take on the olympics the next day

The beauty of it is that there’s no time limit to your dreams. You can be whatever age and be able to do those goals.

Never too late to start, pause pray be patient. Trust the process 💝

#05 Talking Consistency - Butterfly Effect

🦋Heard of the butterfly effect?🦋

By surrounding yourself with positive people, you’ll be able to encourage others and bring out the best in you - you cycle the positivity around.

Who you’re walking with helps determine where you go. Choose your companions on the road of life wisely

I’ve been blessed with a supportive family and my partner for all the crazy ideas and art ventures. Having that positive support system is something I’m very grateful for.

Ask yourself if you’re in the right crowd to flourish.

What happens when you express your ideas?

Is it celebrated or just put to the side?

Are you heard?

Do you even need a crowd?

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