#02 What are TFPs & Collabs?

Humans are naturally social beings, even the quiet ones. The best way to get your services out there is through talking to people or getting a digital platform where you can share your work!

If you’re too shy you can always opt to do Contra/Collab work with influencers, models and even celebrities. Collabs/Contra offers usually indicate working with small business brand products or services. This works as a gifting method where the business provides their products/service in return for content from the creative - this can be anything from a story/reel/still post photo and more.

So if you’re thinking of finally starting that business or expanding your reach, hit me up let’s chitchat I’m always excited to hear ideas, and I’ll help you make it into reality!!


Photographers and other creatives that are just starting out - a key to get you in the game is doing some TFP work!

First of all TFP stands for ‘Trade For Print’, which means photographer, models and other creatives come together to collaborate on a project.

Everyone works for free - models give their time, makeup artists/stylist/other creatives offer their services and they all receive the photos to use for their portfolio. Relating to our previous reel - brands should be offering to do contra offers rather than just TFP post especially when you’re no longer a beginner and are making contents for the brand

TFP work is not just for beginners but can also work to get rid of that creative block, just to shake out some creativeness with fellow artists. We all know it can get mundane working on similar projects and fitting into a clients criteria!

The best way to start your modelling/photography career is to join Facebook groups and reach out to fellow start up creatives if they’re offering TFP :)

If you have any more questions feel free to DM me, more than happy to help!

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